Non-Prime PCP

You’ve been asking – we’ve listened! Get all of your customers considered for used PCP car finance! We’ve got FIVE new credit tiers your customers can qualify for!

What is The Big 5?

The Big 5 PCP package connects used car dealers and their customers to one lender with five different PCP tiers based on the customer’s credit profile. 

Quick Recap:

  • Higher Customer Retention
  • First Car Choice
  • EV and Lifestyle Vehicles
  • One Credit Search – FIVE Opportunities



Generally speaking, PCP customers tend to renew their vehicle on a PCP with the same dealer.  


With the new  tiered system, your customers will get access to credit that works with their budget and circumstances.


Spending time on trying to find an alternative vehicle based on termed acceptances might now be a thing of the past!


Every used car buyer comes with a unique situation, and our TRIPLE NON-PRIME PCP options ensure everybody gets considered. 


Increase your chances of selling by getting five opportunities for PCP with one credit search.


You can offer PCP deals for electric vehicles and lifestyle vehicles like the Ford Ranger.

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One credit search - five opportunities

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Customer Preference Matters

Provide the best buying journey to all of your customers! People know what car they want to go for when visiting your dealership/website. Having to offer them an alternative because no PCP deals are available isn’t the best selling point in an already competitive industry. Well, used car dealerships now have a much higher chance of getting their customers accepted for PCP finance on their first choice of car, at the first point of contact.

HP vs. PCP

Is PCP better for used cars than HP? Not necessarily, but customers tend to prefer the option gives them the most affordable payment. 

Here’s a quick HP vs. PCP comparison

HP vs. PCP

Split the full price of the car into a deposit and monthly payments

Customer owns the vehicle after the final payment has been made

Fixed Interest Rates

Pay off early option


Customer doesn’t have to finance the full value of the car

Tends to be lower monthly payments than HP depending on term length

Balloon payment to own vehicle at the end of the term

Offer lower monthly payments by counting the deposit and Guaranteed Minimum Future Value of the car towards the finance agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not saying that Personal Contract Purchase is better than Hire Purchase. The two are different finance options that can work well for your customers. However, PCP deals usually come with cheaper monthly payments so therefore are preferred by customers.

What lifestyle vehicles qualify for our PCP deals?

Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-Max, Volkswagen Amarok, Mercedes X Class, Fiat Fullback, Ssangyong Musso

What does five-tier PCP deals mean?

It means that we’ve got all the packages under one roof and we’ll always endeavor to try and provide the most affordable payment to your customers. Now available with five-tiered packages of PCP and HP.